Custom Badges & Insignias by Smith & Warren

What is VisualBadge?  Visual Badge is a customized program that lets you easily design and build your badge design right before your eyes. Everything is customizable including lettering, seals, enamel colors and finish. You choose the proper attachment for your application. Dimensions are given for each badge and the preview is meant to be a reasonable likeness of your design. Give it a try!

Ordering is as easy as 1.. 2.. 3..

1.  Click the button “Start Now with VisualBadge”.
2.  Pick your badge/insignia, design it to your specs.
3.  Choose “Request A Quote” and a copy of you badge will be securely sent to us.

Once we receive your design we will contact you to verify the details and get your order started!  Contact us for more info.


The attachment is on the back of the badge and it is an important part of your design. Pin & Safety catch are typically used for wearing the badge on a uniform shirt. Wallet clip should be used to put the badge in most leather badge accessories. Screw post is for the hat or is very useful when making plaques. The clutch attachment is used for nameplates and collar insignia. The clutch attachment can be seen on the picture with the screw post (at the top of that badge).


Badge Back

Some badges come with solid back and some come with shell back. On some shell back badges, you can opt to fill the back of the badge in, making it a solid backed badge. Not all shell back badgescan be filled in solid. Shell back badges that can be upgraded to solid back will have a choice for the option on the design page.



It depends on how you are going to wear your badge. Curved is most popular for wearing on a uniform and, is some cases, a leather accessory such as a universal belt clip holder. Flat is best used when you are putting your badge inside a custom-cut leather accessory. In that case, using a wallet clip and flat forming, the badge lies properly in the recess of the badge case.


Text Separator

Text separators are traditionally used on a circular paneled badge. They break up the circle into two distinct panels and are basically ornamental. You can choose stars or dots.

Can anyone buy a badge?
Badges are only sold to those in public safety. If you place an order for a badge, you will be asked to provide a photo of your department credentials (ID) and/or a letter of authorization from your department. We do not sell badges to collectors.

How long does production take?
Generally badges take about 4 weeks to produce. Custom badges are made from scratch and go through about 27 different production stations and quality control stops. Badges with premium finishes or custom center seals may take a little longer.

Do you carry wallets or other leather badge accessories?
Yes, we have a full line of custom-cut wallets, Badge/ID cases, belt clip holders, neck holders, etc. See our Badges / Insignia section for your choices or select them from the VisualBadge design page. The pictures of the badge you see on the wallets and cases are for example only. All custom cases are cut to the badge you order.

Looking for a completely custom badge; a design to tell your story and represent the community you serve?
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