First Response Multi-Threat Vest Level IIIA, Classic


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2XL-Short, Black, 2XL-Short, Navy, 2XL-Short, Red, 2XL, Black, 2XL, Navy, 2XL, Red, 2XS-Short, Black, 2XS-Short, Navy, 2XS-Short, Red, 2XS, Black, 2XS, Navy, 2XS, Red, 3XL-Short, Black, 3XL-Short, Navy, 3XL-Short, Red, 3XL, Black, 3XL, Navy, 3XL, Red, 3XS-Short, Black, 3XS-Short, Navy, 3XS-Short, Red, 3XS, Black, 3XS, Navy, 3XS, Red, 4XL-Short, Black, 4XL-Short, Navy, 4XL-Short, Red, 4XL, Black, 4XL, Navy, 4XL, Red, 4XS, Black, 4XS, Navy, 4XS, Red, 6XL-Short, Black, 6XL-Short, Navy, 6XL-Short, Red, 6XL, Black, 6XL, Navy, 6XL, Red, 7XL, Black, 7XL, Navy, 7XL, Red, LG-Short, Black, LG-Short, Navy, LG-Short, Red, LG, Black, LG, Navy, LG, Red, MD-Short, Black, MD-Short, Navy, MD-Short, Red, MD, Black, MD, Navy, MD, Red, SM-Short, Black, SM-Short, Navy, SM-Short, Red, SM, Black, SM, Navy, SM, Red, XL-Short, Black, XL-Short, Navy, XL-Short, Red, XL, Black, XL, Navy, XL, Red, XS-Short, Black, XS-Short, Navy, XS-Short, Red, XS, Black, XS, Navy, XS, Red

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