OUR STORY: From Humble Beginnings

Like many successful ventures, this one was started with a simple thought, “We could probably do that better”.  We started out providing a better solution and better uniforms to a single county EMS system with less than 30 employees.  Within a year we branched out to include the retail/hospitality market, police and fire.  Interest in our company quickly grew by word of mouth and social media.  We soon outgrew our small basement home office.  We decided it was time to take a leap of faith and opened our first retail location in downtown LaGrange, Indiana.  We were only open 2 days a week but we soon found ourselves in another growth spurt and moved into our current location in early 2017 with expanded hours.

At times it’s hard to believe how fast this company has matured since its humble beginning in early 2015 and how blessed we are to be able to serve our customers.  We have learned many lessons with building a business, but most importantly we’ve learned we can never leave God out of the picture.  We try our best to live each day for Him through faith.  He is always there lifting us up the hills we climb and beside us through the valleys we walk; in our lives as well as in our business.  We know the responsibility we have been given and look forward to the adventures ahead for Hite Uniform.

Meet the Hite Uniform Team behind the scenes.

For Hite Uniform we will continue to strive for a better business providing you the customer better products that are more affordable and fit your needs.  We aren’t perfect and at time can make mistakes, but with each mistake is a lesson to be learned to make Hite Uniform better for you and for us.”

-Tad, Megan & Family


Hite Uniform Co. provides the very best value in uniforms and equipment to law enforcement, military, EMT, security and other public safety professionals, companies, organizations and government agencies. We take great pride in our team and our customers. Our customers have come to appreciate our low prices, fast delivery and reliable service.

Uniforms provide the individual with the professional look that is needed for them to accomplish their job. At Hite Uniform we offer the right uniform you need at the right fit from day one. Public Safety personnel often have to put up with that off-the-rack fit and long wait times, but not at Hite Uniform. For the individual, stop into our local shop, get properly fitted, and pick up a standard uniform in about a week or for most tailored uniforms in under a month. For departments, we can come to you and fit your personnel on site – we can even give you your own “private store” within our online platform that will highlight your custom apparel specific to your department alone.

Hite Uniform strives to meet all your shopping needs and would like to thank you for your patronage! We look forward to serving the Public Safety community for many years to come.

At Hite Uniform Company we provides a full complement of equipment for the public safety professional.

  • Uniforms & Apparel
  • Scrubs & Medical Uniforms
  • Body Armor
  • Firearms/FFL Transfer (Including ‘First Responder’ discounted firearms)
  • Duty Gear & Holsters
  • Equipment
  • Footwear
  • Tools & Gloves
  • and more..

Whether you’re purchasing for a large muli-county system, a small security agency or simply shopping for yourself, you’ll receive the same honest, reliable, prompt service.